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Lock Changing Services Sydney

Do you need to change your locks? Let us help you discover the most suitable lock and the best safety and security option to fit your requirements and budget.

Our locksmiths can increase your safety and security. Our team can assist you with every lock and key requirement. Whether that means installing new locks, duplicating keys or installing safes, we can take care of you no problem. Our team supply 24-hour emergency services within the Sydney location, meaning fast and dependable locksmith services the minute you get in touch with us any time day or night.

Our team supply the best professional service when it comes to protecting your premises. Our professional and police checked tradespersons are fast and work with the utmost integrity. There is no job too big or small. Our specialists will go above and beyond to guarantee the safety and security of our customers.

Perhaps you have just moved into your brand new home, don’t know how many other people have a copy of the same key. Or perhaps you have lost your keys or had them stolen.

Our team can help with changing your locks to take away access to everyone except those who have the new keys, removing the worry of who has access to your apartment which can essentially affect your safety and wellbeing.

Alternatives to Changing Locks

Here are a few options to take into consideration if you are thinking about changing your locks once and for all:

Re-keying Your Lock 

You can opt for lock re-keying even when it’s not possible to find the original key. Our highly trained locksmiths can change the inner operations of your current lock, meaning you are still able to make use of it without having the old key.

As the best budget-friendly option, re-keying only changes the key pins inside the lock cylinder. Key pin changes are a lot less expensive than buying a complete brand new lockset.

The process of re-keying is a fast technique when done by a highly trained specialist. It will not require pricey equipment or a high fee. The very best thing is that re-keying is readily available for the majority of door locks.

Lock Re-keying Sydney

Lock re-keys in Sydney start at a very reasonable rate. Why not take advantage of our amazing prices right now!

Sydney Lock Re-keying Professionals

Have your keys been stolen, or lost?

• Did you just move into a brand new apartment and need to remove access from the old tenants?

• Or perhaps you want to produce a master key system for all of the locks on your premises?

Whatever the reason may be, lock re-keying is certainly a much quicker and less costly option to replacing your locks completely. The only good reason it’s far better to opt to replace instead of re-key would be because of an old or malfunctioning lock that will not be as secure as a newer model.

Are you uncertain if you are able to re-key your old lock? Send us the specifics and a photo to [number] describing what you want to achieve along with your Sydney location.

What is Lock Re-keying?

Lock re-keying basically changes the inside of a lock to make it work with a brand new key. Doing this makes all older keys worthless. This allows you to limit access to the lock, meaning that only holders of the new key have access. As previously stated, this is fantastic for moving into a new property and not knowing how many previous tenants still have a key.

During the re-keying process, we take the barrel out of the lock and reconfigure the inside mechanisms. We then produce a new key to match the brand new mechanism arrangement and re-install the barrel. When viewed externally, the re-keyed lock seems just the same, but the original keys will not work it any longer. To use the re-keyed lock you will need the brand new key we provide and by all means, our experts can make as many duplicates as you need.

Creating a Master Key System

In the event that you have a number of locks on your premises and you want them all to be controlled from a single “master” key our team can do this using rekeying.
Basically, our experts rekey all the locks to function from the same brand new key that we create. This can certainly reduce the number of keys you may need to carry from a larger quantity to only one!

Wish to know more? Get in touch with our team now.

Replacing Your Lock Sydney

If your lock is not able to be rekeyed or is severely damaged, you have the choice to buy a brand new lockset of the identical kind. The advantage of this is that the brand new lock can fit in the existing space in the door and won’t require replacing the door catch.

[brand] offer a wide selection of high quality door and window locks and hardware from top brands in the security sector. We can set up brand new locks and customise its functions to suit your requirements.
With a brand new lock, you gain increased security and dependability. Anticipate however that lock replacements will cost more than rekeying.

Upgrading Your Lock

If you want a significant security upgrade for your house or company, upgrading your lock to a more modern and secure design from the very same or even possibly a different manufacturer is a great option. You may even choose a high-end device like a smart digital locking system.

Using today’s progression in door locking modern technology, you can improve the amount of security in your property effortlessly and at an affordable cost. For instance, there are biometric locks, locks that you are able to control from another location using your Smart device, electronic door locks, wireless locks, and electromagnetic locking systems.

When should you update your locks? We strongly recommend lock upgrades for old, outdated, damaged locks as these could be very quick and easy to pick and destroy. If your area or community had a forced entry robbery, advancing to a much better lock and security mechanism would be ideal.

Boost Your Security with Our Firm In Sydney

Our team can really help you make the ideal choice to furnish your house with far better security. We’ll let you know if you’re due for a lock enhancement and we’ll guide you on selecting the most effective lock technology so you can easily make an informed decision.

Call us now and let us help you ensure the safety and security regarding your possessions and your loved ones.